To be able to provide an inclusive collective consensus view of the senior individual key sector leaders in the Plymouth Travel to Work area on all strategic and economic development issues whilst remaining non party political, proactively promoting inter-sectorial mutual understanding, and promoting the City Regions best interests.


  • To be able to communicate such views at any time both within the membership and externally as appropriate.
  • To be able to contribute to the views of Plymouth City Council and other adjacent LA’s on Economic issues.
  • To be able to be consulted formally by external bodies on Economic issues and to be inclusive of and co-lead equally by all of the member business organisations in the City Region.
  • To be able to monitor (and comment on as appropriate) the activities of other bodies responsible for Economic activity.
  • To provide a forum for high level key sector leaders briefings and debate on strategic and economic development issues in the presence of the City Councils Cabinet and shadow Cabinet and chief officers (who will thus be standing honorary members of the group).
  • To act as a discrete high level networking vehicle for its own members meeting formally at least quarterly.
  • To provide representatives to sit on other bodies where appropriate and when invited.


There is no formal limit to the number of members of PABC but about 250 is considered ideal. Members should however occupy senior (decision making) positions in their own organisations (i.e. Chairman, MD, Director, Chief Exec, Partner, owner or equivalent) and also be able to contribute to the City Region as key sector “leaders”.
PABC thus comprises “The individual key sector leaders of the City Region”. Additional members will be “invited” to join the group from time to time, usually by existing members nominating.
Specific issues can be supported by sub-committees individually chaired by appropriate subject experts.
Representatives of Government bodies, Heads of communities, agencies and the City Council cabinet, shadow cabinet and chief officers group are standing honorary members or observers of the Group (and are Guests for meetings and lunches)
Members of other neighbouring local authorities may also join the PABC as Hon members by invitation.