Minutes and Resolutions
Wednesday 5th September 2012



1. Introduction

The Vice Chairman took the Chair (The Chairman, who was present, having only just been released from hospital) and thanked the leader, shadow leader and members of the City Council for making the PABC welcome in the Council House and David Heard of Ashfords Solicitors for hosting the PABC’s lunches for 2012. 74 members of the Council were present. The new members were warmly welcomed. The membership inc PCC senior councillors remains at 275, 28 (member proposed) names remain on the current waiting list. An up to date 2012 membership directory is attached at Enclosure 1.

2. Next Members Diary dates (details contained in the attachments)

Note 1
Wed 3 Oct The University of Plymouth lecture – Rethinking Business – Beyond Capitalism (See Enclosure 2)

Note 2
Fri 12 Oct Concert in the Guildhall in support of the Chestnut appeal for Prostrate Cancer (see Enclosure 4)

Note 3
Thur 29 Nov The Parliamentarians dinner in CFOM

3. The Leader of PCC

The Leader set out his mission and aims after 100 days in office and drew attention to the detailed content of his manifesto. He emphasised that his theme was to deliver but that there was no break in the corporate plans agreed by the Full Council under the previous administration and the aspirations on growth remained identical. He emphasised the Council’s role in terms of providing and maintaining infrastructure and included broadband connectivity in this. He described the steps already taken to progress his administration's "Co-operative Council" mission. He will attend the next meeting on 5 Dec and wished to work very closely indeed with the local business community. His address was warmly welcomed.

4. PCC, The Growth Board and the Economic Development Service

Anthony Payne briefed on the expanded Economic Development Service and its extensive remit, which encompasses the council services that are key to delivering the City's growth agenda. He summarised the findings of the latest City Economic Review, recorded the major events that the city has hosted and is hosting (including the Marine City Festival next week) this year and noted that Plymouth has secured its key "asks" in the scope of the new Rail Franchise. He explained that current activities include identifying solutions to the delivery of c6,000 homes already consented but not yet built in the City, the appointment of a new Chief Executive for Destination Plymouth, support for the Theatre Royal's ambitions and opportunities to support the City's growth agenda through the City Fund and the Coastal Communities Fund.

5. Worklessness

Ashley Beare summarised the economic position at macro, SW and City levels. He briefed on Plymouth's new employment task force, which is chaired by the Leader, and its focus on the Plan for Jobs. He welcomed the greater emphasis on engagement by the private sector and the recognition of the needs of employers. He advised that, to support this, the PABC website (in development) will host links to help employers connect with agencies promoting growth and employment. He highlighted the launch of The Thousand Club, which is seeking 1,000 employers to each take on one new member of staff, on 28 September. The link is

6. Priority Sectors

Elaine Budd advised that descriptions of the six Priority Sectors are provided on the chamber's website (link included in briefing attached at Enclosure 6) and the Sector leaders and stakeholders meet bi-monthly. She referred to the development of sector initiatives across the City and the current work on identifying barriers to delivery.

7. LEP Update

Tim Jones the LEP Chairman briefed that the Government re-shuffle probably doesn't change much in terms of lobbying functions, which are well established with the relevant Government departments. He noted that ministers and civil servants are hands on, making many visits. He advised that the LEP is expecting to see changes to the planning system to encourage delivery of consents, a Government guarantee to encourage major capital projects in identified sectors, the re-packaging of PFI, encouragement of investment in energy generation and some form of business finance support. He noted that the improvement of the A303 could be through a toll road.

8. Culture Board

Abby Johnson briefed that Plymouth is evaluating the opportunities that bidding for City of Culture 2017 may offer – more will be known once the new Minister at DCSM announces the competition. She explained that the location of arts and culture within the Council's Economic Development Service recognises the role of investment in new provision to build/develop the City's cultural asset and contribute to growth to 2017 and onto 2020, when the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower will be celebrated. She reported that the Arts Council has identified Plymouth as a strategic investment location.

9. The City companies and Destination Plymouth

Richard Davis Chairman CCC briefed on the role of the proposed new Chief Executive of Destination Plymouth, which will shortly be nationally advertised. He referred to the Visitor Plan and advised that the target market for the bidders in both the City Centre Company and the Waterfront Partnership lies within an hour's travel to the City. He welcomed the extended scope and resourcing of the Economic Development Service.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 1401.
To All PABC Members by email 10th Dec 2012