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Wednesday 5th September 2012

6th December 2012

Mr A Vinken
Chief Executive
Theatre Royal Plymouth & Plymouth Pavilions Theatre Royal Plymouth Royal Parade
Plymouth PLI 2TR

Dear Adrian

UK City of Culture

I'm writing to confirm our support to the Plymouth Culture Board to pursue an application to become the next UK City of Culture. Pivotalto this decision has been the support of the University of Plymouth and I have attached their letter of support for information.

We see City of Culture as a fantastic potential opportunity but as part of a much wider city ambition for Plymouth on its journey to Mayflower 2020. ln particular recognising the value of culture as a driver for transformation, we've seen the social and economic impact that initiatives like the America's Cup and British Art show have had on both the local economy and lives of Plymouth residents.

It is also clear at this stage, before the competition is even launched, and given the constraints upon the public purse that we must make any investment decisions with great care and with full visibility and agreement of our key partners (Culture Board, University of Plymouth and the private sector).

The City Council and the University are happy to contribute {20,000 each towards the bidding process but on the basis it is matched by the Culture Board working with the private sector. This supporr recognises the scale of ambition we have for Plymouth- To manage the process we suggest that there are 3 stages.

Stage 1 - The Culture Board raise {40,000 to match the Council's and Universities Contributions.

Stage 2 - The Culture Board, University and City Council jointly agree the Expression of lnterest

Stage 3 - The Culture Board, University and City Council agree the final bidding document.

Further to discussion with Cabinet the Council have now approyed stage l. The Cabinet would also ne6d to agree the Expression of Interest and final bid before proceeding in order that partners funding commitments are clearly defined. ln this way any of the 3 partners have the opportunity to withdraw if the Culture Board cannot raise match funding, at EOI and final bid stage.

The Cabiner were extremely excited about the opportunity of the City of Culture and how it, can us used as a vehicle to make a real difference to the lives of the residents in Plymouth.

We will be in touch very shortly to sit down with you and Abby to ciiscuss the steps for taking this forward.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Tudor Evans
Leader of Plymouth City Council