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Friday 12th December 2014

Firm line taken to support the Peninsula Rail Task Force

At our last meeting it was agreed that we need to take a firm line along with the Chamber and the City Council in support of the Peninsula Rail Task Force. Things there seem to have blown alternately hot and cold but they have had a helpful meeting with the PM since we all met. Nonetheless, it is more than generally agreed that it is essential to keep the pressure on between now and the budget with the view to getting the wishy-washy autumn statement which was devoid of an adequate commitment for the south west reversed.

Accordingly I wrote to both the Western Morning News and the Herald which published the article together with their own individual commentary. If you caught it, then fine, but if you didn’t, follow the links below for your information on the basis that I was effectively speaking for you.

Sometimes these things need saying, and saying uncompromisingly, but as a result I won’t be paying much attention to Whitehall Christmas card lists or the New Year’s honours!

For your information, those who have read this, and there are many across both counties, have resoundingly supported the content of it and the sentiments that I have expressed and you must always remember that I personally am strictly non-party political as indeed is the PABC.

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